Starfleet Com

Starfleet Communications is a division of Starfleet that holds the sole priority of making subspace communications available for the fleet.

As we all know, Starfleet constantly used communicators - not dissimilar to a walkie talkie - to facilitate communication while on expeditions to unexplored reaches of space. For Starfleet, keeping communication fluid and open is a must, with all the dangerous missions Kirk, Picard and Janeway have been on, is it really any wonder that they need a top-notch communication system to stay in touch?

Throughout all of Star Trek we've seen communicators used in nearly every episode, most famously used in the misnomer 'Beam me up, Scotty!" where Kirk and his crew would be transported back on board. Would it even be possible without their communicators? Probably not!. So what is the history behind Starfleet Communications? Where did it come from? Who do we know that works for this division of Starfleet. Are they that different from the radios that we know and use today to communicate with one another? Do they operate on radio waves, or on these subsonic frequencies? More information on Radio Hire.

Well we do know that the communications center is home on Earth, and was critical in the development of creating communications systems that would reach over distance that no Icom F52SR could - We're talking thousands, or even millions of miles.

Probably the most recogniseable name among the on-screen communications employees is Peter Harkins, who was made the project manager of the 'Pathfinder' project, which aimed to communicate with the USS Voyager, which at the time was in the Delta Quadrant, without means of contacting anybody else. Eventually, thanks to Reginald Barclay, Harkins' project was a success and contact was once again established with the Voyager.