Episode 017

Enroute to understand more about a nebula, Enterprise encounters a civilian Vulcan ship looking for repairs. These aren't your typical Vulcans. They've been lost in orbit for eight long years without two way radios to communicate with anyone else and many are people. What they have been exploring however are feelings and just how to reintegrate them into their lives. Essentially, they're "V'tosh Ka'tur" or "Vulcans without logic" as T'Pol calls them. The Vulcan captain, Tavin, describes that when they experience feelings, they control them and haven't abandoned logic.

The Vulcans offer to assist with planning the nebula and Archer transmits a reluctant T'Pol towards the ship to watch the information. Her assistant around the Vulcan ship, Tolaris, takes a desire for her and encourages her to test out her feelings. Meanwhile, Trip aids in the repairs and befriends a Vulcan engineer, Kov.

It is really an interesting character driven episode. The main focus is on feelings and Vulcans and particularly T'Pol and Tolaris. Appears an unlikely combination, however it is effective here to define T'Pol's character and her Vulcan character. Makes me question if however these atypical Vulcans are prototype Romulans?We discover when Vulcans don't meditate before going to sleep, they've got "wild" dreams or bad dreams. Appears even their subconscious feelings need to be controlled. Tolaris is extremely thinking about T'Pol.

As she's on the human ship and it has resided on the planet for 2 years, he feels that her feelings aren't as repressed as other Vulcans. He encourages her to experiment and never meditate before sleeping. She does because he states and even includes a very vivid dream. The dream sequence is well done however could not help but believe that the background music gave a "sleazy" feel towards the scene when she and Tolaris have been in mattress. Actually, an attractive T'Pol scene appears to become a recurrent theme within the show even though I love the show to possess more sexiness, I really hope this will not become overdone.I additionally could not help evaluating the episode towards the ones where Voyager's Seven finds out her humanity or perhaps a new emotion.

Actually, there have been occasions within the show when the music brought to mind Voyager and that i found this disappointing and annoying. Although this episode wasn't exactly just like Seven's, it had been nevertheless of the identical type. I really hope we will not see any longer of the as I am quite fed up with the Spock, Data, Odo, Seven and Doc "finding feelings" story lines. This kind of character continues to be completed to dying and frankly, it does not appear new spin they provide it, it's old hat and redundant at this time.