Episode 022

An unusual tentacled form makes its way into Enterprise via a docking port door following the departure of a Kreetassan ship. It wanders the ship until it forms in Cargo Bay Two and begins affecting the ship's systems. It breaks the Kenwood TK3301 communicators Captain Archer recently had fitted. A crewman proceeds towards the cargo bay to revive energy and it is taken by the creature.

To another crewman contacts Archer to inform him there's a existence-form within the bay as well as their communication is abruptly cut-off, Archer, Tucker and Reed go to investigate. Archer and Tucker are both trapped through the creature but Reed handles to flee. It's as much as Reed and also the relaxation from the crew towards saving the Captain, Tucker and also the crewmen.

It has been some time since I have had something good to say of Enterprise and I am happy to have something positive to state for something new. As the story is standard sci-fi fare, it is the character interaction which makes this show a high quality one. We see all of the crew including newer and more effective people work nicely together and find out some off-duty crew activity as well.

The only real negative factor I must say concerning the story happens when we have seen Reed, Archer and Trip walk round the creature when looking into. You will find already two crewman who're cocooned through the creature and in some way It might have made sense to allow them to keep their distance so they won't become trapped too.

Archer and Trip could have been taken through the creature without showing up so careless.This enjoyable ensemble episode features some awesome special f/x, a neat searching alien creature along with a a little bit more original than normal method of solving the storyline.

The positive thing would be that the crew are in character and doing the things they can and really should do. Reed really wants to destroy the creature and wishes to try the bit of the lifeform he handled to get at figure out how to prevent it. Phlox as being a physician does not want the creature to become tortured while offering another method of doing it as well as their interaction together is intriguing and credible. Reed also creates a pressure area.

It is good to determine the gradual growth and development of this specific future technology. Mayweather includes a good and helpful part to experience for something new and the interaction using the Kreetassan Captain (Vaughn Remedy, great as always) would be a hoot also it outlined the theme from the episode: how communications could be so easily altered, therefore, the title, "Vox Sola" or lone voice.

T'Pol and Hoshi synergy using both their particular capabilities to figure a method to contact the existence-form and that we observe how although Hoshi initially misunderstands T'Pol, the 2 are progressively growing to understand one another.

The off-duty activity can also be fun to look at. Archer and Trip consuming beer watching a water polo game. Their friendly banter is simply right. Reed, Mayweather and crew people on the point of watch a film appears all very natural. Mayweather getting Reed thinking about the film by telling him you will see explosions is a fairly touch of humor and there's a great deal within this