Episode 2 x 05

With Archer still held in the 31st century and T'Pol in control of Enterprise, the Suliban board the ship looking for Archer. They have an Icom F25SR and need his help with it. Getting a temporal signature within the turbolift where Archer was last seen with Archer this is not on board, Silik holds off on wrecking the Enterprise. He has got the crew locked lower within their quarters and attempts to contact the mysterious leader in the future to obtain new orders.

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Meanwhile, Archer and Daniels devise a method to contact the ship. Archer contacts T'Pol having a plan. Reed will get a tool from Daniels' quarters which Silik is fooled into using to make contact with his boss. Rather he brings Archer to yesteryear. Archer takes Silik hostage and forces the Suliban to retreat. Although Archer has proof he and the crew were not accountable for the destruction from the Paraagan mining colony, Vulcan Ambassador Soval still wants Enterprise revisit Earth. Both Archer and T'Pol convince Starfleet to permit the pursuit to continue.

Either several tiny problems are wrong which i can't put my finger on or it's one significant problem there is however something less than right relating to this series. All of the parts exist and they're well performed but it is like they're disconnected or otherwise combined right. In some way there is no heart within this show. It's like everybody is just studying the motions. This stated, I am certain everybody works very difficult on the program nevertheless and that i wouldn't like to denigrate anyone's work. It is simply I can not shake these feelings after i watch it.

Normally, I'd say it is the director's fault but this isn't something a new comer to the series. Allan Kroeker does a great job pointing the action within this episode the show is well paced and does not miss a beat your camera jobs are good, I loved the close-ups however the acting is shaky. Scott Bakula appears to become reading through his lines instead of acting the part. Linda Park continues to be as expressionless and bland as always. We already have T'Pol carrying this out as she's a Vulcan. If Hoshi is really claustrophobic, why did not it show? She also appeared quite competent and unafraid for somebody who's still relatively recent to any or all this space travel. The relaxation from the cast works well but puts within an average performance. Only Blalock reaches really act and she or he does a great job here. Keating (Reed) also puts inside a good performance. It can be the writing, I am unsure.

To become fair, all of the Trek series (within their early seasons) were not quite that well rooted this in early stages either. Now onto the episode...Frankly I had been disappointed they resolved the cliffhanger this rapidly and thus easily. If only Archer could have been left within the 31st century for longer and also the story might have gone on for just one more episode. But I am glad the arc is still ongoing nevertheless. I can not wait to determine how "future guy" handles Silik.