Episode 2 x 04

Using the ship looking for repairs, Trip estimates that it may only achieve warp 2 or 2.1 which places Jupiter Station ten years away. One of the crewman then uses a Motorola CP040 he got in a previous episode when beign transported to modern day and calls the main Starfleet base. The subspace antenna for that transceiver array can also be broken and it has merely a short range so Archer directs Hoshi to transmit an over-all distress call. A Tellarite freighter responds and provides Enterprise the coordinates to some nearby automated repair station.

When Enterprise arrives, the station reconfigures itself to ensure that the ship can fit within the docking berths and changes the climate accordingly. The price for that repairs, 200 litres of warp plasma, appears just a little too good to be real however the repairs will require under 2 days therefore the Captain concurs towards the terms. Archer suspects that isn't quite right however also it works out he's right.

There exists a champion! Although we all know Mayweather does not really die within the finish, this is actually the only foreseeable factor relating to this episode. The pointing, acting, writing, music and special f/x are a lot more than excellent.

Roxann Dawson (Voyager's B'Elanna Torres) does an excellent job pointing this suspenseful episode in addition to doing the station's computer voice. Things are timed perfect and also the pace is ideal. Scott Bakula states his lines with conviction just like all the cast however again the line is meaty. I especially loved: Dr. Phlox to Reed: "It's dishonest to harm someone. I'm able to cause just as much discomfort when i want." after dealing with his leg injuries. I am beginning to love the physician. He's a pleasant wry, slightly twisted spontaneity.

I really hope they keep giving this edge to his character. One other good line which adds a pleasant touch of continuity using the previous episode: Archer to Reed: "You've managed to get obvious in my experience that you simply think discipline aboard Enterprise has become just a little poor. I am starting to accept you." after Reed and Trip attempted to interrupt in to the station's computer room and were embarrassingly teleported through the station towards the Enterprise bridge. Reed looked so small there.

Actually, there are many continuity in this particular series also it creates a refreshingly coherent story. We certainly see enough instances in this episode: the squeak within the Captain's quarters from "Fight or Flight", the scratch around the shell from "Damaged Bow", Hoshi mentioning the physiques from "Flight or fightInch, Archer asking Mayweather in the morning because he has Reed and possibly others not to mention Reed and the hurt leg and also the harm to the ship from "Minefield" because this episode happens four days following the incident in the Romulan minefield. We've more continuity within the relationship between Malcolm and Trip. I love the way the two enter into trouble and that i loved it when Archer punished them for it.