Episode 2 x 05

Archer and crew go to the Kreetassans' homeworld to get a much needed plasma injector for that ship. While there, Archer's dog Porthos urinates among the aliens' sacred trees. Archer chases the dog away but his walkie talkie falls out of his pocket. The Kreetassans are deeply upset with the urination and demand an apology from Archer and therefore withhold the injector till he provides it with. Meanwhile, Porthos has selected up a harmful virus from his trip on earth that puts his existence at risk. Archer stays an eventful evening in sickbay to become close to him while Dr. Phlox attempts to save the pooch.

It's surprising I am likely to say this but enough using the decon chamber moments already. This really is dealing with be badly because the cave configurations from season one. Don't misunderstand me. I "love" to determine Archer in the underwear and I am sure the men and gay ladies available like to see Hoshi and T'Pol within their stop tops and shorts however this is dealing with be too a positive thing. The very first scene could be pardoned but the second reason is a significant amount of. We have seen Seven's bare in Voyager two times and today T'Pol's. It's old.

You will find essentially four tales happening here: Archer and the sick dog Archer and the sexual tension and attraction to T'Pol, Archer and his encounters in sickbay and interaction with Phlox and lastly Archer and also the constantly upset Kreetassans.

Not one of them appear also because they might have as you will find a lot of things happening and things are disseminate too very finely and it is as a result out-of-focus.From the four the attraction to T'Pol may be the least effective and it is decidedly overdone. It will provide us with good quality laughs though, namely the "Pillarian" slips from the tongue lines.

I really like the deadpan check T'Pol's face as Archer states to her: "I've not rested greatly but I am doing the 'breast'... best I'm able to!Inch and "When you are getting to the Bridge why not send me your 'lips'... lisp...list!" They were truly funny and well shipped by Bakula and could have been enough to share the content that Archer is drawn to T'Pol and it is sexually frustrated. Simply getting Phlox the Captain requires a little hanky-panky might have done the secret.

Used to do like the truth that T'Pol's highly sexualized persona and Archer's realizing it had been presented within the open (hey he's human!) but showing his "wet dream" about T'Pol was totally gratuitous. Double-entendres and subtlety alllow for elderly sexy titillation.The Archer, Phlox and sickbay story was a little better and again humerous.

Dr. Phlox is unquestionably alien with him cleaning his extremely lengthy tongue, clipping individuals slightly nauseating toenails and flashing that strange smile of his again. I really like how Archer always includes a perplexed check his face as he sees the physician smile like that. The operation on Porthos was a little nasty however it was interesting to determine as were the visual f/x from the doctor's softball bat